About Us

The history of PMCU.

International Police Motor Corporation exists for over 90 years.

In 1930 in Hamburg (Germany), police officer Richard Weber - later police colonel– came up with idea that police from all the countries could communicate with each other and share experiences in organizational area and specifically in the fight against crime. This this is how the idea of establishing International Police Motor Corporation and "International Police Motor Rally" was born. The first "International Police Motor Rally" was held in June 1930 at the initiative of the German police and more than 500 participants from the Nordic countries, Austria, the Czech Republic and Slovakia took part in it.

International Police Motor Corporation (IPMC) is headquartered in Innsbruck, Austria. It comprises 14 European countries.

IPMC holds international police competitions and championships (Police Moto Rally, Uiform Police Rally, Police Football, Police Shooting), helps retired, police veterans, supports the families of injured and killed police officers.

For the implementation of similar projects in Ukraine, based on the experience of foreign colleagues, PMCU - Police Motor Corporation Ukraine was established.

In 2003, a group of like-minded officers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, represented by police colonel Yuriy Petrovich Kostousov and Alexander Vadimovich Kosharniy, established a charitable foundation PMCU. In 2004, PMCU joined the International Police Motor Corporation (IPMC) and became becoming Club 163 - PMC Ukraine.

"Police Motor Corporation Ukraine " (PMCU) – international non-governmental non-profit nonstate charitable organization.

Mission of the organization is to provide effective interaction between society, business and law enforcement agencies to improve security in Ukraine.

The major field of activity of the fund in 2014-2015 is improvement of security in the country.

In addition to project “Help local police officers”, PMCU is engaged in active social and charitable activities.

  1. We attract and implement charitable projects aimed at strengthening security in Ukraine.
    Now there is tense situation, confrontation in the society, increasing aggression in the country; after some time traumatized people can return from the area of combat operations, and some of them may carry guns. In this regard, we need to help strengthen the security of the city. To this end, we conducted and plan to conduct in the future following trainings and seminars for members of the organization: self-defense, survival in extreme situations, gunnery training, lessons of extreme driving, psychological skills training. Projects for the younger generation we plan to launch in the near future:
    • Practice and experience for the students of police academies, attracting them to help local police officers as needed. Additional education.
    • PMCU cadets. Thematic education for children (hiking, lessons, practice).
    • Health improvement for children of police officers in Ukraine and abroad.
    • Exchange program between the families of police officers. Opportunity for children of organization members to make new friend abroad, discover another region or country, see the way another family lives, and learn the language.
  2. We take part in international competitions police.
    To enable PMCU members to take part and win in the championships, we provide visa support, insurance, provide uniform, branded products and police certificates of European standard.

  3. We develop motor tourism in Ukraine and internationally.
    Each PMCU member can participate and offer his ideas of joint trips, becoming a co-organizer.
  4. We are also happy to support the initiatives of the Organization members for the implementation of social, cultural and sporting events. If anyone from the organization plans to hold a concert, master class or a charity event, and so on, we will provide information support.
  5. When visiting international events, we establish new and support already established friendships with European partners. At this there are often some opportunities for organization members and their families to have rest, improve their health, study in Europe with the support of organization.

To become a member of PMCU, fill out a form and submit it with copies of documents and photos to the Executive Committee.
For any additional information, call us +38 (044) 228-77-00, +380674681359
Contact us at: info@pmcu.com.ua