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Within the project «Common Security»
charitable foundation «Police Motor Corporation Ukraine» presents nationwide

«Support program for local police inspectors»


Місія проекту

Given the complex criminogenic situation in Ukraine, the main mission of the project in whole and «Support program for local police inspectors» in particular, is the security of every Ukrainian family and home!

Crime prevention is the key to this security. In the law enforcement system of many countries, as well as of Ukraine, this task is allotted to local police officers who are in regular contact with people living in a particular area. Therefore close communication, cooperation, and above all - trust between the officers and public will help reduce crime rate.

With the help of volunteers, public and with the support of partners and sponsors our Foundation aims to implement this mission that is definitely difficult, but at the same time necessary for each Ukrainian!


The main tasks of the «Support program for local police inspectors»Місія проекту

The project has clear and workable objectives and completing these tasks will allow achieving the main goal in a due time:

  1. Establishing trust and respect for the profession of police officer

  2. Improving conveniences and working environment of local police officers

  3. Improving the knowledge of inspectors in various fileds such as psychology, law, information technology, ability to negotiate, etc.

Ways to achieve the objectives

  1. Establishing trust and respect for policeman - is a paramount task that is closely related to the other two.

    Місія проекту

    There are clear mechanisms of its solution. These are:

    • Involvement of residents of specific area into the project and familiarizing them with the realities of the working conditions of their local police inspector

    • Introducing policeman to citizens, friendly communication, exchange of ideas and opinions on current problems of the neighborhood - establishing positive contact

    • Having come to understanding of common challenges, focus common search for actions at improving the situation (people spreading positive information about their local police officer)

    • Along with community initiatives, local police officers shall regularly hold themed classes in schools and kindergartens - this will not only influence character building of children, but will also contribute to strengthening the authority of the policeman for children parents, as well as for numerous personnel of educational institutions.

  2. Місія проектуImproving conveniences and working environment of local police officers is a guarantee that inspector - will perform his duties professionally and efficiently.

    Currently, many local officers do not even have proper toilets in the premises they are working in, not to mention the Internet and computers. Very often police officers do not even have materials to make reports: the lack of writing implements or even usual table is not fiction but everyday life of ordinary local police officer!

    Understanding what above-mentioned issues ultimately affect the safety of each of us and awareness of the difficult economic situation in the country, shall provoke citizen to action and help depending on his possibilities. In this context, under the aegis of the Foundation the most socially active residents of a particular neighborhood take upon themselves the following communication and practical functions:

    • Monitoring and data collection for each station and its transfer to Foundation Coordination Headquarters

    • Participation in campaigns for search and collection of necessary equipment or raising funds

    • Practical organization and arranging workplace of the local police inspector

  3. Місія проекту

    Improving the knowledge of inspectors in various fileds such as psychology, law, information technology and other necessary skills will be performed by the Foundation through help of professional teachers from universities of Ukraine and specially designed educational programs:

    • Each local police officer will have an opportunity to take tests aiming at determining the level of his qualification in specific disciplines

    • In accordance with the results of the test each local police officer will be designated to training group, where he will have an opportunity to take in educational course

    • At the final stage of the course according to the standards of the relevant Ministry, police officer will be certified and will get a special certificate

Strategic Plan of the Project

Стратегічний план проекту

As it was mentioned above, this project has clear terms and time-phased implementation plan. Even today with the start of «pilot» version of the «Support program for local police inspectors» in Desnyanskiy district of Kyiv, our Foundation is actively working on the implementation of everything we have declared. In fact, this is the 1st of the 5 stages that all participants of the project will have to perform to accomplish the mission. Our experts and scientific consultants assume that it will take 1 year for full completion of all mechanisms of the working draft of the project in Desnyanskiy district.


After completion of the 1st phase, we plan to proceed to the next 3. Using a previously established pattern, «Support program for local police inspectors» will be implemented in Kyiv districts. The required time to perform this task is 2.5 years.

Given the realities of all regions of Ukraine, we are planning to proceed to 5th stage – integration of the «Support program for local police inspectors» in regional centers of our country.


What is done is done and what we are doing today

We were right when we predicted that people will desire to take part in life and building security in their own city. As for today, the number of active volunteers in Desnyanskiy district is more than 30 people. With the help of Foundation, activists monitored data and collected information on 22 stations. They made a complete list of everything necessary for quality work of local police inspectors. In the process of personal communication it became clear that revealed that the police are ready and willing to promote the project.

Members of our Coordination Headquarters have already processed, structured and found specific mechanisms to address challenges:

  • Campaign "Citizens helping their local police officers" designed and ready to launch

  • Possibility of reduced price connection of stations to Internet are now negotiated with Internet operators

  • The organization of work on improvement of offices of police officers

  • Partner program was launched; it includes development of educational part of the project

  • Even today our experts are working on informational campaign both for the entire project, and for "Support program for local police inspectors"

  • We are also pleased to say that our "Support program" has got positive response from the officials of Main Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine of the district: as a part of cooperation seminar was held all inspectors and Foundation representatives taking part



В рамках проекту «Допомога дільничним» Міжнародного благодійного фонду «Українська поліцейська автомобільна корпорація» було здійснено обхід кабінетів дільничних інспекторів міліції Деснянського РУ ГУ МВС України в м. Києві.
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Виступ представників фонду на щотижневому зборі дільничних

На черговому зборі дільничних, який було проведено 12.12, відбувся виступ представників фонду, метою якого стало інформування присутніх про діяльність УПАК в цілому та проект «Допомога дільничним» зокрема.
Детальніше »

Information for partners and sponsors

Our Foundation is looking for cooperation with any Ukrainians interested, as well as companies and organizations that are aware of their social responsibility, understanding what it means to work and live in a state with a high degree of security.

To do this you can:

  • Contact with representatives of the Foundations (contacts given below) and find out what aid is needed

  • Provide charitable assistance to help specific stations

  • Give funds for project implementation

  • Give computer and other office equipment or furniture for use in the workplaces of stations

  • Provide technical support

  • Provide methodological support (teaching how to use computers and Internet)

  • Other possible help

What participants of the project get:

  • Status references in all promotional and information campaigns throughout the project

  • Positive image of socially active entity\person

  • Special certificate of participation in improving public safety and law enforcement

  • Opportunity of collective entry to PMCU (share in the development and implementation of new projects)

  • Dividends in the form of guarantees of stability resulting from the contribution to the transformation of security in Ukraine






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